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Change is daunting for most people and most businesses. It means moving away from something you are really comfortable with and heading in a new direction that has not been tried or tested and has no guarantee of success. Just because it has been successful for other companies does not mean it will work for you.

This poem by David Whyte captures a spirit of change that is so inspiring, strong and powerful and I aspire to help people find that “rose-fired compass, blossoming with direction”

But still, on the ocean, there is
no path

only the needle’s trembling dance

without fear,

though the dance now is fear
and calmness
in one movement

as you look
not only the angry sea
of what you
have denied

near at hand
in the centre
of your body,

the rose-fire
of the compass
with direction.

- David Whyte, bestselling author of  ”The Heart Aroused”

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