Me Change is all about helping businesses implement change.

The speed at which markets, processes and organisations evolve is ever-increasing. For a business to compete it can no longer just ask “what do we change?” but it must know how to change…..and keep changing”MEChange has the expertise and knowledge to lead and support efficient and effective change programmes that deliver on time and on budget to produce lasting benefits.

MEChange is helping businesses achieve their strategic objectives through the alignment, definition and successful execution of change initiatives, large and small. Further, MEChange helps companies develop their own internal capabilities for ongoing change management and continuous improvement.

MEChange assesses each client’s specific needs and, unlike other consultancies, can offer tailored, unique and relevant support across ALL aspects of the change process. Services can include anything from defining objectives and creating a roadmap for change, through training and staff development to hands-on implementation and project management. Our clients get an integrated end-to-end change management approach that works.

With a high percentage of change programmes failing to deliver on time, on budget or not realising the expected benefits, businesses are now calling for expertise and knowledge, that is not available within the organisation, to lead and support these changes.

Specialising in cross functional change programmes and with a history of delivering superior business results through change management execution and business process improvement, Me Change brings innovative but practical solutions to help clients build organisational capability to secure short term deliverables as well as to manage the long term environment of change through great processes, great teams and great leaders.

Examples of services include….

as well as providing…

So, if you want more than traditional short term thinking, or packaged offerings and want a new perspective about “how to change…. and keep changing” then only Me Change offers a unique, tailored and integrated approach that will bring breakthrough results for your business.

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